Active Housing Repairs Diagnostics - User Interface Update

We have developed the new user interface to make the user journey quicker and easier than ever.

By listening to our end users and understanding how they interacted with the previous UI in real time, we were able to identify several key opportunities for improvement.

These included:

  • Refining the emergency / introduction text area

  • Providing greater emphasis on the innovative search facility

  • Collapsing the crumb-trail into a convenient, easily accessible menu

  • Enhancing focus on questions and instructions

  • Making options clearer and more obvious

  • Improving how images are displayed

  • Creating a simplified repairs basket

  • Reducing the width of the 'desktop' view to improve usability

We've had lots of great feedback since deploying the enhancements and we expect to continue to work closely with our user base as we strive to make their experience even better.

Take a look at the new UI in our video:

For more information about AH Repairs diagnostics or to book a demonstration, please contact us on 0800 023 9024