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Wonderfully engaging websites that customers love

  • Maximise outreach & exposure
  • Increase conversion & revenue
  • Deliver optimised content
  • Accessible on any device
  • Future-proof your website
  • Single website to maintain
  • Simple content management

Wonderfully engaging websites that customers love

Since 1998 we’ve been using our bespoke web development expertise to build websites for all kind of organisations, either standalone or integrated with internal business applications to form a comprehensive end-to-end system.

Whether it’s a corporate website outlining the latest financial reports, an ecommerce system selling telecoms equipment, a subscription-based video-streaming website, a hotel & event booking website, a business directory system or recruitment website, we’ve got the necessary know-how & bespoke website design skills to make your website work for you.

We understand website users and their habits and use this knowledge to create a customer experience that really drives users to where you want them, resulting in more enquiries, increased conversions, greater revenue and, ultimately, a successful project.

We also understand search engines and how to structure your website at the build phase to give you the best possible footing when climbing the ladder of Google rankings.

We don’t forget your smartphone users either. With 7 out of 10 people now owning one, neither should you. Our mobile website developers have got bags of experience in responsive website design, ensuring that your website is accessible across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
Resize your browser window now or check out our own website on your other devices and you’ll see what we mean. So if you’ve got a website already, ask yourself the question, is my website responsive?

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Experience the freedom of web-based business software

  • Improve efficiency
  • Maximise performance
  • Streamline resources
  • Any device access
  • Integrate existing processes
  • No user licensing
  • Flexible & Scalable

Experience the freedom of web-based business software

When talking about bespoke web application development (or web app development), we’re referring to custom online software that is accessed online rather than downloaded or installed from a disc.

This approach provides the flexibility to operate your business software from any device with an internet connection be it desktop PCs or laptops and more importantly, tablets and smartphones, even when on the move.

As one of the longest-established web development companies, we’ve been developing web apps for over 15 years. We understand that every organisation is unique, which is why our corporate web development service enables us to develop bespoke web applications that sit perfectly within our clients organisations, from key processes integrated into existing systems to entire end-to-end infrastructures.Once created, our clients own their systems outright, no licence fees, no restrictions.

Custom CRM development, ERP and PPM Systems, Booking Platforms, Statistical Reporting Products, Recruitment Platforms, Despatch & Delivery Tracking Software, Project Management Tools...the possibilities are endless.

Imagine your field sales teams updating their sales data in realtime from their smartphones, board-members securely monitoring key data remotely from their tablets or laptops, manufacturing processes automated or streamlined, inventory management integrated with despatch and invoicing or even eliminating human error whilst also reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint through significant reduction of paper-based processes. The list goes on…

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There’s more to mobile apps than Facebook

  • Reach out to mobile device users
  • Maximise exposure
  • Complement existing online offering
  • Push messages to users devices
  • Offline access & sync
  • Leverage smartphone features
  • Streamline user experience

There’s more to mobile apps than Facebook

If you’ve ever downloaded a game, Facebook or Twitter onto your smartphone or tablet, either from the Apple App Store or Google Play, then you’ve used mobile apps before.

They are more correctly referred to as ‘native’ mobile apps as they are only accessible on the specific device, unlike a website or web application that can be accessed by any device with a web browser.
That’s not a downside though as the mobile app user experience can often be quicker, more touch-friendly and can function offline. Smartphone features such as contact lists, camera functions, GPS and more can also be integrated directly, providing a greater level of scope and opportunity.

It’s true to say that a lot of the mobile app market takes the form of games and users in their millions will check their Facebook and Twitter apps on a daily basis but there’s a lot more scope than just that, especially for organisations.
Consider that 70% of people own a smartphone. That’s a huge number of potential customers or clients and also a vast number of your employees that could benefit from in-house productivity apps.

At Hallnet we can create bespoke mobile apps that really work for your organisation.
It may be a companion app to your ecommerce website, allowing users to purchase products directly within the app, a field sales tool that feeds the data in and out of your CRM application, an app to scan barcodes as part of your inventory management system or it could even be an entirely new venture that only exists as a mobile app.

Whatever the requirements, we can work with you to create the perfect fit.

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Helena Homes

Helena Homes are a social housing association managing over 14,000 homes.
We were commissioned to facilitate their channel shift programme, enabling website users to easily find support, manage their accounts, make payments & request repairs online from any device, rather than contacting the call centre, all whilst bringing together the content from 4 websites into one central resource.

Luggie Scooters

Luggie Scooters is the UK’s exclusive supplier of the world famous Luggie folding mobility scooter.
We were commissioned to improve their conversion and efficiency through a bespoke CRM system, allowing customers to request demonstrations through the website, administrators to manage requests, monitor statistics & assign appointments to field sales teams and for field sales operatives to view their diary and update sales data in real-time from their smartphone.

Executive Headhunters

Executive Headhunters are a prestigious international executive-level headhunting firm.
We were commissioned to produce a new website & innovative integrated ‘assignment dashboard’, enabling their clients to login and view an array of progress data relating to their vacancy assignments. This included stage progress indicators, candidate lists, graphical salary survey data, PDF downloads, assignment manager contact information and more.

Leigh Centurions RLFC

Leigh Centurions Rugby League Club are the recent winners of the Co-Operative Championship.
We were commissioned to replace their existing website with something clean & modern, with a focus on providing upcoming match information & results and maximising revenue through advertising & other avenues. Part of this system included an innovative monthly subscription service for fans to view videos of matches and behind the scenes footage.

Utility Connections

Utility Connections is one of the UK’s most accomplished utility consultancy & procurement companies.
We were commissioned to take over the development of their new online procurement & bidding platform when they were struggling to find capable developers to bring the system to life. We worked closely with the client to achieve a successful launch and carry out technical and security reviews on the work that had been carried out previously.

Eastland Compounding

Eastland Compounding are a worldwide manufacturer & supplier of rubber compound.
We were commissioned to work with their IT Department on a long-term project to produce a variety of bespoke enhancements to their complex web-based ERP system, which was to ultimately replace their existing end-to-end infrastructure.

The Redmen TV

The Redmen TV is a leading sports talk show dedicated to Liverpool Football Club, featuring match previews, reviews, on-location news and a variety of celebrity guests.
We were commissioned to create their website and a platform for the producers to store and categorise their video footage and for fans to access these videos through a paid monthly subscription.

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We've been creating unique websites & software from the ground up since 1998 but we understand that's not enough to go on. Here are more reasons why Hallnet is the right choice.

Agile, Iterative Process

By operating an iterative approach to projects, our customers can start to see real functionality very early on, providing the opportunity to change and adapt the remaining requirements accordingly.

User Centred Design

We place end users at the centre of the fact-finding, planning & design process, ensuring the people that really matter get the best possible experience from the end product.

Multi Device

Our significant experience with responsive design and build techniques ensures that your system will be a pleasure to use across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices, providing true ‘anywhere access’.


Our documented Quality Management System covers an extensive array of activities to ensure product and service quality at each stage of the production cycle.

Security & Privacy

We have procedures, best practices and audit processes in place at both organisation and project level to keep your project and personal data protected.


We understand the requirements of the WCAG guidelines that help to ensure that systems are accessbile to all and can discuss the possibilities and solutions for your specific application.


We build for the future, not just for the now. This helps to ensure that as you grow, your system can grow with you - handling more data, more users & more features.


We're on hand to answer all of your questions and, for long term peace of mind, we offer comprehensive support, maintenance and retainer packages.

Low Risk

We have been in business since 1998, remain profitable, maintain business continuity procedures and are covered by all necessary insurances including Professional Indemnity.

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A whole team of expert PHP developers and talented user experience designers at your fingertips

People may call us a web app agency, web development company or responsive website designers.
In fact, all of these are true, but first and foremost we like to think of ourselves as expert problem solvers, providing professional web development services and technical solutions to commercial clients in a vast array of industries.

From responsive mobile websites to complex website development projects & bespoke online software, our dedicated, in-house team of website designers, PHP web developers and conversion / user experience specialists can work with you to create the perfect web-based solution for your organisation.

We’ve been around since 1998 and since then we’ve been working hard on well over 200 key projects to establish ourselves as one of the top UK web development agencies.

Our main focus is on providing quality over quantity. We strongly believe in spending quality time on creating robust, fit-for-purpose systems rather than cutting corners to rush projects along the production line. After all, the projects we work on are often a vital part of our clients businesses, so we make every effort to get things right first time.

Contact us now to find out how we can work with your organisation. It might just be one of the best business decisions you ever made.
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We work hard to ensure that our clients are happy not only with the end product but also with the level of customer service

We’ve worked alongside Hallnet for years now, developing and enhancing our complex bespoke business system.
The development, communication, support & attention to detail given by them has been outstanding. We recommend Hallnet to anyone, no matter what the size their project is.

Jamie Cordingly, IT Manager - Eastland Compounding

We are completely happy with the result and also (perhaps more importantly) the aftercare and fine tuning that is required on an ongoing basis as we add to the site.
I have no hesitation in recommending Hallnet to others.

James Hitti, Senior Partner - EM Legal

Having written a training course for Doctors I wanted to put it online but had no technical expertise.
Hallnet completed the website, e-learning framework and videos quickly & professionally and the quality of the finished product exceeded my expectations.

Dr. Rosalyn Tavernor - Square Training

Hallnet have been fantastic and as our business has grown over the years they have helped to develop our systems to suit our requirements.
They are always most helpful with after-care and support and we would certainly recommend them.

Kathryn Waterworth, Operations Manager - UK Mobility Group

When Executive Headhunters were looking for a website developer to build our new site, we chose Hallnet.
They quickly grasped what we were looking for and came up with excellent creatives and functionality.

Phil Sharp, MD - Executive Headhunters

Extremely happy with the service, professionalism and quality of the work that we continue to receive. Above all Hallnet is made up of great people with even better ideas. I encourage you to sit down and chat about your ideas with them, as they will not only build your dream for you, they will create it with you. Without their creativity and passion for our vision, HotShepherd wouldn’t be what it is today.

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